Be winter ready

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

It may be getting colder, darker and a tad wetter but most of the time the weather will not stop us exercising outside. The pros of being in the great outdoors by far outweight the cons I promise. And we will be on the hunt for tree cover and wind protection when we need it!

So to get you winter ready, here are a few purchases I would recommend:

- Layers: zip up jumpers, gillets, base layers anything you can take off slowly and put back on for that matter depending on how warm you feel

- Gloves: quick dry or fingerless to help with grip, keep the hands warm but don't restrict movement

- A headband that covers your ears to keep them warm! I always find a headband is better than a hat as it means I don't overheat!

- Gortex trainers to make sure your feet don't get wet and cold. Always buy a tad bigger in the winter to allow for a thicker pair or socks. I buy mine here

- Waterproof jacket, for the more wetter workouts

Hope these are helpful and keep you as snug as a bug in a rug!


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