Cancer Fitness Courses

Current specialist courses available are detailed below (scroll across). Also coming soon - fitness after prostate cancer. 

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Rebuilding fitness after Breast Cancer

Eight week online fitness programme tailored for breast cancer recovery

What’s covered in the course?

Through a series of ‘live’ virtual fitness classes (via Zoom) and supporting online guidance, the course will cover:

  • A review of breathing technique during exercise including the use of diaphragm and pelvic floor

  • Shoulder mobility and postural alterations following breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy

  • Strengthening pelvic and core muscles particularly after reconstruction surgery including (but not limited to) abdomen, glutes, hips, lower back and pelvic floor

  • Building full body strength safely after active treatment considering joint mobility and bone health alongside ongoing hormonal therapy and menopause. The best and safest resistance and strength exercises with lymphoedema in mind

  • Cardiovascular fitness to maximise heart health, increase stamina, support weight loss and overcome cancer related fatigue and other treatment side effects. Guidance on building up for all fitness levels

  • Flexibility and balance demonstrating daily stretches to keep you supple, mobile and injury free. Impact of treatment on balance and exercises to support hand and foot peripheral neuropathy

  • Ongoing self-care after cancer using nutrition to support ongoing recovery, overall wellness and bone health, review of sleep hygiene and mindfulness tools

Who will benefit from the course?

Anyone who has experienced a breast cancer diagnosis who has completed ‘active’ treatment (chemo, radiotherapy, surgery) who wants to build fitness safely (and is medically approved to do so). It may be 3 months or 3 years since your active treatment finished but having support from an expert trainer means you will be building up your fitness and strength safely, effectively and minimising the risk of injury. The course can be adapted for different fitness levels to meet everyone’s needs.

What does the course include and how much does it cost?

The total course cost of this six-week course is £160. This includes:

  • 2x weekly 40 minute ‘live’ exercise sessions via Zoom

  • Ongoing information and videos shared via closed Facebook group

  • Access to a webinar series created for you on all aspects of living with and beyond cancer

  • Support and interaction with other women on the course through the closed Facebook group

  • Resistance band