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How exercise got me back from cancer

Hello I'm Sarah, founder of Get Me Back. I wanted to tell you a bit about how Get Me Back started.

In May 2018, as I reached the halfway point of my second pregnancy, doctors told me I had cervical cancer. It was devastating. Our little boy Jacob was born too soon so I could get access to life-saving therapy. I went on to have chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy in the hope it would cure my cancer. And in November 2018 I was given the all clear. My cancer has gone.

​After finishing my treatment, I wanted to gain back control of my body and mind. It was very slow at first - walking to the local shop, gentle yoga, mindfulness. But day by day my strength and fitness continued to improve.

​I found returning to fitness after cancer quite scary. Not knowing where to start or what exercises I should be doing. It was also quite daunting joining exercise classes where others had no idea what I'd been through.

But taking that time out just for me, with no distractions, to focus on rebuilding myself was so important. Exercise helped me regain control again. I would go as far to say exercise saved me - physically and mentally.

​And so that is why I decided to start a career in fitness and launch Get Me Back. To use my experience to help others regain control of their bodies after cancer.

After qualifying in 2019, I am now an experienced CanRehab Cancer & Exercise Specialist and Breast Cancer Rehab Coach.


Looking forward to working out with you soon.

Sarah x

Sarah Newman, Cancer Fitness Trainer

M: +44 (0)7742 442137


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