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Structured fitness programmes to support cancer recovery.


Programme membership gives you access to these programmes and the Get Me Back Community.


Breast cancer fitness recovery programme

For those who have completed or are close to completing active treatment for breast cancer, who want to regain strength, fitness. mobility and more.


This is a self-paced 8-12 week progressive programme, covering:

  • The basics of strength training after cancer

  • Shoulder mobility and postural alterations following breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy

  • Strengthening core and pelvic muscles

  • Breathing technique during exercise

  • Cardiovascular fitness to maximise heart health, increase stamina, support weight loss and overcome cancer related fatigue and other treatment side effects

  • Progressing strength training safely after active treatment

  • Flexibility and balance demonstrating daily stretches to keep you supple, mobile and injury free

  • Ongoing self-care after cancer using nutrition to support ongoing recovery and overall wellness 


Programme includes:

  • 16 workout videos (seven of which include clear tutorial guidance)

  • 8 stretch videos

  • Progress logging

  • Nutritional information

  • Lifestyle advice after breast cancer

An introduction to strength training after cancer

For anyone looking to get into strength training after a cancer diagnosis.


This four part, self-paced programme (approx 4 weeks) introducing:

  • The basics of strength training after cancer

  • How to progress your training, adding more weight/resistance

  • Puts into practice what you've learnt

This programmes includes:

  • 2 video tutorials

  • 9 workouts

  • 4 stretch videos

  • Progress logging/tracking

Suggested completion time 4 weeks with 2-3 workouts a week.

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