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Breast cancer fitness recovery programme

Structured online fitness program to support cancer recovery.


Hello! I hope you've landed on this page as you're looking to regain control of your body following a breast cancer diagnosis. This program will help build strength not just in the upper body that can be lost following surgery and radiotherapy, but also full body strength lost from chemo and more sedentary times.


Strength training has not only been proven to overcome cancer-related fatigue but will also help protect joints and bones during and after treatment. Furthermore, as a Breast Cancer Specialist, I've designed this course to be safe for anyone experiencing lymphoedema (or at risk of it).

What do you get?

  • 16 progressive workouts (seven of which include clear tutorial guidance)

  • 8 stretch videos

  • Progress logging

  • Nutritional information and lifestyle advice after breast cancer


What will you learn?

  • The basics of strength training for everyday functional movement, correct form, including the best exercises to support you before and after treatment

  • How to regain shoulder mobility and make postural alterations following breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy

  • How to strengthen the core and pelvic muscles, particularly after reconstruction surgery

  • Breathing technique during exercise including the use of diaphragm and pelvic floor

  • Using cardiovascular fitness to maximise heart health, increase stamina, support weight loss and overcome cancer related fatigue and other treatment side effects

  • Progressing strength training safely after active treatment, considering joint mobility and bone health alongside ongoing hormonal therapy and menopause, and considerations regarding lymphoedema

  • Advancing your core strength using strength training, how to target different areas of the core and progress exercises effectively

  • How to improve flexibility and balance by demonstrating daily stretches to keep you supple, mobile and injury free

  • Tips on ongoing self-care after cancer using nutrition to support ongoing recovery and overall wellness 

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