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Word is spreading that staying active before, during and after cancer treatment can have HUGE benefits.
One of the biggest motivations is that it can help improve your longer-term outcomes, including reducing the risk of cancer returning. Here's some guidance on how to get going.

Regular exercise can reduce stress and give you more energy, even during your treatment.

Exercise has a positive impact on cancer-related fatigue and other treatment side effects. Returning to fitness after cancer can feel very challenging, but also pretty daunting. Motivation is low, you’re exhausted and unsure what to do. From personal experience, knowing what exercises are right for you can be a very beneficial step to getting started.

Get walking!

Strength and resistance

Stretch and mobility

Classes and videos

Top tips for building an exercise programme after cancer

  • The foundation to every exercise programme is a daily walk. Get outside, get your heart rate up and get walking. Build from this each day by increasing time, distance and finally speed (if you want).

  • Strength and resistance training for women is a very important addition. You can do many of these exercises from the comfort of your own home. Here are some free videos to get you started.

  • Stretching and mobility continue to be important, even after your active treatment has finished

  • For more detailed workouts, consider joining Get Me Back’s LIVE weekday classes (timetable below), or watching on demand workouts, stretches and yoga sessions as part of the monthly subscription.


Become a member to join LIVE group classes

If you need to stay motivated and accountable, join Sarah and Marcia for classes every weekday as part of Get Me Back's monthly membership, or pay as you go.

Time (GMT)
7am and 6.30pm
Strength then HIIT
9.15am and 1pm
Strength then Yoga (every other week)
Strength & HIIT

On demand and LIVE workouts designed for cancer recovery

Specialists in Cancer

Our fitness experts are all specialists in cancer, from exercise and yoga, to physiotherapy. Seek advice relating to managing treatment side effects, reducing menopausal symptoms and regaining muscle and tone.

Marcia Mercier

Yoga for cancer

Marcia Mercier, Yoga for Cancer
Sarah Newman

Strength and fitness for cancer

Sarah Newman, Cancer Fitness Trainer
Hannah Leach, Cancer Physiotherapist
Hannah Leach

Oncology physiotherapst

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